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Garden Flower Crocheted Mobile Phone Pocket

I recently got a new mobile phone (my old one was practically an antique and well past it's sell by date) and as my new one is actually a small computer in disguise, rather than just a phone I felt it needed something, a little pocket type protector to look after it.  I hadn't seen anything I really liked in the shops and all of sudden thought...hang on, why don't I crochet one!! Well of course!

So I looked for colour inspiration in my basket of odds and sods...

 ...and found a nice selection of Rowan Handknit Cotton DK.
I chose this particular wool as it can be crocheted up to be pretty sturdy.  Especially using SC (USA) stitches.

So I got busy.  Do you want the pattern?  You do?? Ah, OK then :D

The pocket is really easy.  It's just two stitches ~ chains and single crochet, so if you can do those then you can probably make this in an hour or less.

Choose your yarn.  I would suggest something fairly robust like a cotton but it's up to you.  I used a No. 4 hook and a selection of seven colours which were inspired by my Cath Kidston messenger bag.  The phone pocket is made up in stripes which consist of two rows of the same colour yarn in SC stitch.

The Pattern:

1:  Measure around your mobile phone.  Mine is a HTC and pretty small, so if you have an i-phone you may need extra chains to begin, and extra stripes to fit it height wise.  I will be giving the number of stitches that I used for mine, which may suit yours perfectly but do check before you begin.

2:  Ch 20 + CH1 

3:  SC in second stitch from hook. 

4:  1SC in each stitch all along the row to the end (20 stitches).  Turn for row 2, CH1 then in second stitch from hook, 1SC in each stitch til end of the row.

5:  *Finish off and add a new colour yarn

6:  Row 3:  Hook under 1st stitch of last row, CH1.  In same stitch, 1SC then 1SC in each stitch along the row to the end. (20 stitches).  Turn crochet piece for row 4, CH1 then 1SC in each stitch along the row to the end (20 stitches)*.
Repeat from * (step 5) for the rest of the pocket, until you have a rectangle of stripy crochet that fits just above your mobile phone.

Finish off, sew the edges of the pocket together (right sides facing) with yarn, leaving a space at the top to slide your phone in.  Turn the pocket the right way - almost done!

The will need to be able to do double crochet clusters (DCC) for this - see below flower tutorial for How To:

To embellish your pocket with a small flower, choose a contrasting yarn.

1:  CH 4 and join with a SS into first stitch
2:  *CH3, then 1DCC (see below), then SS into ring*.
3:  Repeat from * four more times, and finish off.
4:  Sew in ends and then sew the flower to your phone pocket, add buttons to finish.

Double Crochet Cluster stitch:  Here is an explanation of how to do this stitch - I hope it makes sense as there aren't any photos!

After doing your CH3, wrap yarn around hook and push hook through ring.
Pull yarn through (3 stitches on hook), wrap yarn around hook and pull through 2 stitches (2 stitches left on hook),  wrap yarn around hook (3 stitches on hook), push hook through thr ring, wrap yarn around hook and pull through (4 stitches on hook).  Wrap yarn around and pull through 2 stitches, wrap yarn around again and pull through remaining 3 stitches on hook.

So there you have it!

A pretty, protective, and unique little Mobile Phone Pocket!  I hope you like it, do have a go if you do, and please get in touch if you have any questions.

Love Julia x


  1. It's so pretty! You must have had fun making this. I love little projects that don't take to long.xx

  2. That's so cool, just wish I could crochet, my phone needs a pretty home

  3. I just love this - colours and flower, all gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pattern - it's a must make!
    My phone is practically an antique too but who would know in this lovely pocket!
    Becky x

  4. So pretty! Unfortunately don't think my limited crochet knowledge will allow me to progress any further than granny squares at mo, but will definitely keep in mind for when I'm a little more accomplished :) Have a lovely weekend xxx

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing. I might make some for gifts.
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx

  6. Wow, that so gorgeous! Love it! I already have a CK hard back case for my blackberry but I may have to alter the number of stitches and make one of these for it aswell..! Thanks for the pattern! :)

    Ashley xxx

  7. It's very pretty Julia especially with the flower and matches perfectly with your bag! Have a lovely weekend. x

  8. Pretty pretty!!
    Talk about instant gratification culminating in total satisfaction (as my fav-sis-in-law says)

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments folks! It's really nice of you to take the time to drop in and write ~ thank you!

    J x

  10. That's lovely!
    I crocheted myself a laptop sleeve - it took ages to do then, about 2 weeks after I'd finished it, that particular laptop died and the sleeve is too tight for my new one ...booo!

  11. Hello my friend has had visits my friends list to link to your love I wish a nice weekend.

  12. Oooh lovely. Thank you. xx

  13. Gorgeous! Another project to add to my ever growing list! Cx

  14. very pretty. I really like the colors.

  15. This is really pretty and unique!

  16. Hi Julia! Oh I love this, and thanks for the pattern!.. Would you believe that I change my own, just like I change my purse everyday, to match my outfits?!.. Well.. Maybe you would, but I may just give this one a try! Lots of fun, bright colors for Summer... hmmm.. that should go with EVERY outfit, right?! LOL!! Have a great weekend! ~tina

  17. Very pretty and a wonderful item to have! Thanks for sharing the pattern.
    Gloria x

  18. This is so pretty Julia....I really need to learn to crochet...I see too many pretties in the crafty blog world!...
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  19. Thta very pretty, I love the colours you have used. I might make one myself but it'll have to wait til I replace my antique phone!

  20. So pretty , soooo CK! There is nothing like a bit of simplicity to make one's heart happy xox

  21. very cute but I'm soooo lazy I'd never put my phone back in a little pouch like that no matter how blikin cute it was, lol.

  22. Thanx for the tuto, love the colours that you used! Esther.

  23. Thank you so much Julia. I am going to make me one of those to match my Cath Kidston bag.

  24. Making 2 of these tonight! Thanks!

  25. Oh its lovely, ive just got the hang of crochet xx

  26. So pretty, I really have to try again at crochet, my mum used do it loads so I ought to be able to too! I want to make a pretty cosy for my HTC too, maybe this post will get me to stick at it this time

  27. That little case is so cute, I just wish I could crochet that well. I'm going to have to try and practice, I used to do it a lot, but it's not coming back so easy? Thank-you also for posting on my blog and your kind comments Julia. It is lovely down in the peak dist, we'd like to move that way soonish! I'm going to get back to the 'Being Creative' project too, as I've got just the thing for it. X Julie.

  28. I love the colours you have used - neat little pocket!

  29. Very very tasteful Julia - I too will be keeping this in mind for the day (in distant future) when I am an accomplished crocheter! For the moment you are talking a foreign language!
    fee x

  30. Beautiful colours on your phone case Julia. I am up with the birds this morning and I am now going to make one of these for my Iphone I'm on late shifts today so I have the time! Thanks for sharing this....its gorgeous!

  31. Oh, I made one for my cell phone too! (Funny how, we say cell phone in America, and you say mobile phone in England!) I made mine with a button to close it. Thanks for this pattern! I will try it!
    Hope you are enjoying the beautiful English gardens!

  32. I was sure I had left a comment on this post!

    Love it! I keep meaning to make one to keep my little phone safe and sound. Even Hubby wants one! He found a pic online of a more 'manly' one and asked if I could make something like it!!!!! He also wants one for his ipad. Just have to finish off all the gazillion projects I have on the go at the moment!

    Hope you are well....and maybe having a bit of sunshine where you are! Grey and wet here!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxx

  33. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us Julia, its lovely. My own HTC has a lovely cover of its own now (rather than the boring black leather one I had). I did mine with a scallop top to it and its got 3 flowers. (I used a finer cotton yarn than you did so my flowers came out considerably smaller!) I am planning on making a glasses case in the same colours now! Thank you again x

  34. So, so pretty, thanks so much for posting the pattern, I will definitely have a go!


  35. Hi! I'm happy to have found you and your lovely blog!

    Thank you so much for sharing the patterns!

    And many thanks for the BEING CREATIVE project!
    Me and my daughter are both in!
    Please, take a look!

  36. That is stunning Julia - I adore the colours you have used. I will be bookmarking this for sure and returning when my crochet skills improve (a lot!). Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  37. Hi! I came by from Beansies Babbles and so glad I did! Your site is so beautiful! Love the patterns and the bright colors of your creations!

  38. Julia,
    Thank you for posting the pattern tutorial for this great little project. I've had so much fun making them up for friends and of course one for my phone too! When I have it sitting out on my desk I just love looking over at the colorful cover and thinking Oh so pretty!

  39. This is lovely. You've just tipped me over the edge from "One day I'll learn to crochet" to "I'm going to find out how to crochet *right now*". Thank you! (bustles off to type 'crochet for absolute beginners' into search engines)

  40. Wow! it's very nice. Thank for sharing your pictures. By looking at them i feel innovative and i am also interested in doing the same. Once again thanks for posting it.

  41. Hoe can i send you a picture of it when I am done

  42. That's pretty cute. It's a nice contrast to how a mobile phone usually looks: often formal and quite plain. It's a cute case, yet it's quite capable of covering and protecting your mobile phone, so good job.

  43. Adorable, this would make such a perfect gift too!


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